Help find Donaldson's 'most valuable' asset

Scott Donaldson is appealing for the public to help him find his kayak.

Donaldson's kayak was last spotted 42.5 kilometres off Farewell Spit about a week ago and he had set out on a four-hour trip on a chartered boat to retrieve it.

However, Donaldson had been unable to locate it when he arrived at the scene. 

The kayak's emergency location beacon lanyard had become detached from it. 
Recent south-westerlies meant there was a possibility the kayak could shore up on a west coast beach in the North Island.

The 44-year-old was about 74km off the Taranaki coast before calling it quits after weather conditions made it dangerous for him to continue his journey.

Helicopter Services BOP chief pilot John Funnell said the kayak was Donaldson's ''most valuable'' asset that took five years of building and planning.

Donaldson spent 84 days in the kayak.

Funnell said Donaldson was disappointed he had been unable to complete the journey but was grateful to be home. 
People with information on the kayak to contact him.