Thousands march against Israel in Aotea Square

04:40, Jul 26 2014

Protesters say they will return to the streets of Auckland next Saturday if Israel doesn't refrain from its attacks on Gaza.

Thousands of protesters have shown their solidarity with the people of Gaza in Aotea Square today.

Shouting "Free free Palestine" and waving Palestinian flags, the protesters demanded a halt to the atrocities committed by the Israeli military which has left more than 800 dead.

A police helicopter hovered over the large crowd while dozens of officers helped patrol the streets and control traffic.

At one point all protesters laid down on the middle of Queen Street to signify the deaths of those in Gaza. They then marched to the US Consulate on Customs Street.

Organiser Mike Treen said the protests were part of a global movement. "I think this is the turning point. There just comes a point where they are unable to continue to rule in the manner that they are accustomed to."

Pukekohe man Bill Lee said though there wasn't much he could do, he hoped people in Gaza would see they had support.

Protester Alexis McCullough said she didn't expect Prime Minister John Key to stand up against Israel but she wished he would."It makes me very upset that Israel are allowed to continue the action and there are no sanctions."

Organisers are calling for people to boycott Israeli made products like Sodastream.