Boy and Bear reunited

05:24, Jul 29 2014
Noel Wogan and Bear
REUNITED: Noel Wogan had been missing Bear since his disappearance a fortnight ago.

The case of Bear, the runaway pup, came to a heart-warming conclusion this afternoon as he was reunited with his young owner.

Bear has been missing for more than two weeks, his disappearance devastating 9-year-old Noel Wogan, a boy who’s already had more than his fair share of grief this year.

The puppy was a final gift from Noel’s mother, Donelle, who died from a rare  illness in May.

MISSING PUP: The loss of treasured puppy Bear is causing more heartache for a family that has already had more than their fair share this year.

Bear's loss caused further pain for the family, with Noel's grandmother Angela Luke saying it sent her grandson into a rapid decline.

The joyful reunion this afternoon was preceded by an outpouring of support today from people eager to help find Bear, or donate towards a new puppy if he could not be located.

An anonymous call to the Whangarei Leader led to Bear’s family door-knocking a nearby house, where the puppy was found.


Noel Wogan
MORE GRIEF: Nine-year-old Noel Wogan lost his mother this year, now the puppy she bought him as a final gift has gone missing.

Bear escaped when a visiting family member accidentally left a door open.

Donelle named Bear during the final stages of her illness, in the hopes the puppy would make ‘‘anything in life bearable’’ for her son.

Just before she died Noel's mother chose the griffin/German spitz cross from a photo of a litter a friend had bred, even naming the puppy Bear on behalf of her son.

It appears the residents of the house where Bear was found did not realise he was a sorely-missed pet, Luke says.

Noel, who goes to Whau Valley School in Whangarei, says he thinks it is ‘‘cool’’ that so many people were concerned about Bear’s disappearance.

Noel is saving his pocket money to go towards the puppy’s expenses, and says he is looking forward to falling asleep with his furry friend once more

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