Dog removed after critically injuring boy

10:38, Aug 02 2014

A pitbull that attacked a 4-year-old boy, critically injuring him, will be put down with the permission of its owners. 

Neighbours say the dog had only lived at the house for two weeks, and was the family's pet. 

The 4-year-old boy is in critical condition at Middlemore Hospital after being rushed there about 4pm. 

Neighbours of the Beatty St, Otahuhu property say the dog was big and aggressive.

The neighbours, who did not want to be named, said the dog had only been in the home about two weeks and had been causing a lot of trouble.

It was known to roam the streets, growling and barking, and it was significantly bigger than the child, one neighbour said.


"When we got home this afternoon and saw the police we knew instantly it had something to do with the dog," she said.

"Hopefully it's been destroyed by now. It's really sad - we said a family prayer for the boy this afternoon."

The dog was taken from the residential address by animal control.

Police and ambulance service spokespeople said they were unable to provide any more details and a woman at the boy's home didn't want to comment. 

She said the boy's father was at his bedside. 

Police say they have spoken to witnesses and investigations are continuing.