Bonus baby double

17:00, Aug 03 2014
zina woods
DOUBLE THE CUDDLES: Zina Woods with her May babies, 11-week-old identical twins Thomas and Henry.

Zina Woods was six weeks pregnant when she found out she was carrying not one but two May babies.

Identical twins Thomas and Henry Woods were born to Zina, 34, and Glen, 31, on May 15.

Data from the past decade shows that more Kiwis are born in May than any other month. The Department of Internal Affairs figures show almost 9 per cent of babies born between 2000 and 2013 had birthdays in May (76,280 out of 855,072), followed by March (75,051) and November (74,453).

The least common birth month was December, when 7.4 per cent of babies were born (63,697).

With a nine-month gestation period, this means a higher percentage of babies were conceived in August.

Thomas and Henry, who are nearly 12 weeks old, are the Woods's first children. Zina said she and Glen did not plan a May birth.


"It was not like we got pregnant especially to give birth in May. It just sort of worked out like that."

A medical professional discovered the twins during a scan at 6 weeks.

"He said, ‘OK, here is one baby and here is the other'. I just looked at my husband and was like, ‘Excuse me?' It was brilliant. Thomas was on the left side and Henry was on the right," Zina said.

Statistics New Zealand issued information this year saying December 25 was the "least common" birthday after February 29, which only occurs in leap years.

The statistics, based on births from 1980 to 2013, found the most common birthday was September 28.

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