Dogs kill cat as owner watches

18:16, Aug 04 2014
Ash - mauled to death
HORRIFYING END: Seventeen-year-old Ash was mauled to death in front of her family.

A Christchurch woman watched in horror as three dogs mauled her cat to death on her front porch.

Janet Pennack, 54, broke down as she described the attack in Aranui.

Pennack said she saw the three dogs on her porch but did not realise they had her cat, Ash.

"They were making a low growling noise,'' she said.

She then realised they had the cat and were mauling it.

''The three of them were pulling her in different directions.''


Pennack said her eight-year-old granddaughter saw the attack.

''I sort of yelled because I thought I might frighten them if they knew I was there. I didn't really want to go outside while they were on the property because I was scared.''

With the aid of a baseball bat for protection Pennack went out to confront the dogs, but they had run off.

''Then I went to the end of the drive and they had dropped Ash there. She was 17, she didn't deserve to die like that.''

Pennack was concerned the dogs would attack again. 

''People need to be aware of it. If they can do that to a cat, what's to stop them doing that to a child?''

She said the dogs were about knee high and had no collar. One was white and one was red-brown. 

A dog patrol officer came to the house about an hour after the attack, and then went looking for the dogs in the area. 

Pennack said the incident had been extremely traumatic and had left her fearful of going outside. 

She wanted to see more stringent dog control laws implemented.

''Surely something can happen to the owners if they are not keeping them restrained. People shouldn't have animals if they are that way inclined.''

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