Widower: 'man up' and own up

22:58, Aug 04 2014

The husband of a Hawera woman killed while removing a barricade from a Taranaki highway is calling for those responsible to come forward and ''man up.''

Christine Anne Fairweather, 57, of Hawera, died after she was struck by a northbound car travelling on State Highway 3, as she was removing metal fencing frames which were blocking the road.

Police have said the fence frames had been moved from the footpath and placed across the highway by an unknown individual or individuals.

Fairweather's husband, John Fairweather, said somebody in the community would know who put the fence frames on the road.

"If it's a prank and a joke, it's cost a lot of people a lot of grief and we're devastated. I'll never be the same again,'' he told Radio New Zealand this morning. 

"I hope they're happy, I hope they're happy and I hope they've got enough guts to stand up and say 'hey, I did it'.


"They'll get a short sentence, I've got a life sentence, and so has Christine," he said.

Those responsible should think carefully about the consequences of their actions, he said during the radio interview. 

"They've got no idea of the grief.

"They've ruined people's lives and they took one of the nicest ladies in this world out with it."

Detective Guy Jackson said the much-loved grandmother was doing a good deed when she died, unblocking the road to help other motorists, Radio New Zealand reported.

Taranaki Daily News