New home is icing on Cupcake

01:23, Aug 08 2014
SORRY STATE: This little dog was found covered in sores, missing teeth and ‘‘basically bleeding from the eyes’’.

Vet Megan Alderson had never seen a case quite as bad as Cupcake's at her Parnell clinic.

The small white dog was in a terrible condition when he was dropped off at The Strand Veterinarian Clinic on July 30 by a concerned member of the public, she said.

The dog's face was covered in sores, he was missing teeth and his body condition was very poor.

Catherine Beech and Cupcake
FOSTER MUM: Catherine Beech, who is taking care of Cupcake, gives him a great big cuddle after surgery.

"His eyes were basically bleeding when he came in," Alderson said.

Cupcake's rescuer, who does not want to be named, found the Maltese-cross wandering in the Orakei area with two other dogs.

She pulled over and tried to get the animals off the road.


"I was trying to get the dogs off the road for safety's sake but then I saw their condition.

"I picked one up, and a man came out and he was rather abusive towards the dogs."

He was clearly the owner of them but didn't want them, the woman said.

"In my strange state of mind I said ‘I will take him', so I did.

"He just couldn't be bothered with them, he just didn't care."

The woman was upset at the dog's state and took him straight to the vet.

"I was so distraught. It was hard, really really hard."

The pup was named Cupcake in honour of the upcoming SPCA Cupcake Day fundraising appeal.

Alderson and her team see the odd case of animal cruelty but say to find a dog in Cupcake's condition is uncommon.

"Maltese are a really desirable breed, so whether he was being puppy farmed or not we don't know," Alderson said.

"It's good to raise awareness that this sort of thing is going on pretty much in every suburb in Auckland."

Cupcake is making a remarkable recovery and Alderson is pleased with his progress.

"He's looking a lot better," she said.

Alderson's clinic has provided all Cupcake's care free of charge and the staff hope to find him a permanent home soon.

"We want to get the message out there and say hey, we've got a little dog here, let's give him a chance.

"Social media has been incredible. We got 6000 hits the first night we put him on Facebook."

Cupcake is now in the care of Catherine Beech who is happy to foster him until a permanent home is found.

"He's a good little dog.

"He was a bit frightened at first, but once he had his cuddles he was really good."

Beech said it is important to find the ideal environment.

"This little guy, at this stage, needs a lot of care and attention. He doesn't need disruptive situations, because he has just come from one.

"The owner we are looking for is someone who can spend time with him one- on-one and make him feel like he has got a home."

The SPCA is investigating the case.

Contact the clinic on 377 6667 if you think you can help rehome Cupcake.

Go online to spcacupcake for information on how you can help fundraise.

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