Millie's eulogy for slain partner Connor Morris

19:46, Aug 07 2014
Millie Elder-Holmes and Connor Morris
METH CHARGES: Millie Elder-Holmes and Connor Morris leave Auckland District Court in 2009 after being remanded on charges of possessing of methamphetamine.

Millie Elder-Holmes has paid final tribute to her long term boyfriend Connor Morris in a eulogy published on Facebook.

The 26-year-old was killed early Sunday morning following a fight in Massey, West Auckland.

After hundreds of friends, family and patched Head Hunters attended Morris's funeral yesterday, Holmes used social media to remember both the good and bad times with her partner.

"He came into my life at time when no one mattered to me; not even myself, and changed everything. When you meet that person your meant to be with for the rest of your life you just know, you get drawn towards someone so hard it's hard not to notice , I felt this happen when I first met Connor," she said.

The pair had battled drug addiction together and in the message to Morris, Elder-Holmes described how he made her feel safe and loved.

"He wasn't not only my strength but my weakness, I could never say no to him, he was my best friend, protector and for a while there my Clyde. We went through so much together, grew so much together during the years we shared and now he's gone I feel like I have lost a part of me," she said.

"Rest easy baby, joogie, morrie I love you more than I can say. You took my heart with you when you were taken from us. But there's no one I'd rather have it. I love you mr Morris. C4M 4EVER," the message said.

Chris Morris, Connor's father, a high profile member of the Head Hunters motorcycle gang also took to Facebook to remember his son.

"He realised when he was in 5th form that school wasn't for him, he was better suited to growing dreadlocks and smoking large amounts of "gunga"," he said.

He paid special tribute to the women in his son's life, including Elder-Holmes.

"Connor had five females in his life that were important to him, his first being his mother, Julie who he called "mamma"... the second being his sister Cymmion, true to brother sister form at times they fought like cats and dogs but loved each other dearly, the next two amazing females to come into his life where Izzy and Gabby his nieces, then came along his soul mate, Millie the love of his life," he said.

"Like all young men Connor had his passions, his being his love for motorbikes and becoming a respected member of the Head Hunters Motor Cycle Club which he achieved. Connor you made me proud, you are the perfect son, my best friend, you grew into a man of honour with high morals, a man who will always be loved and missed. So go on your journey until we meet again, love from Mum and Dad," he wrote.


SAYING GOODBYE: Millie Elder-Holmes at the funeral of her boyfriend Connor Morris.
SAYING GOODBYE: Millie Elder-Holmes at the funeral of her boyfriend Connor Morris.