Firefighting gear stolen

A brazen theft of essential equipment has the Winton fire brigade blazing.

Firefighting equipment, including a stand pipe, key bar, and hose used to fill fire trucks and tankers, as well as a road cone, were taken while the brigade fought a garage fire on Saturday.

Senior constable Jim Mangos, of Winton, said the equipment was connected to a fire hydrant on the corner of Florence Rd and Winton-Hedgehope Highway, and went missing between 2.20pm and 2.50pm.

While the equipment may have been taken by a good Samaritan who had assumed the items had been mistakenly left behind, he was concerned someone had stolen them.

''It seems very odd,'' Mangos said.

Winton fire brigade chief fire officer Brian Somerville said two fire trucks from Winton and a tanker from Wallacetown attended the fire.

They were alerted to the possible theft after the Wallacetown tanker stopped to fill up before heading home and discovered the items missing.

If the gear was lifted by a light fingered prankster, he wasn't laughing, he said.

''If it's someone pulling a prank and they've decided it's not funny anymore, they can leave it alongside the fire station,'' he said.

Mangos said the missing stand pipe was painted red and white, and the fire hose was 15 metres long, 90 millimetres wide, and had a fire service serial number on it.

The total value of the equipment was about $1000, he said.

Anyone with information relating to the missing equipment, or if someone had picked it up intending to return it to the fire brigade, they could contact Winton police on (03) 236 6060. Email

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