Police trying to track dead Kiwi's movements

02:54, Aug 13 2014
Warriena Tagpuno Wright
SUSPICIOUS DEATH: Warriena Tagpuno Wright fell from the balcony of a Surfers' Paradise high-rise apartment building.

Australian police are appealing for public help to track the movements of a young Wellington woman in their efforts to find out whether she was pushed to her death from a 14th-storey balcony.

As the man who owns the apartment - understood to be the last person to see her alive - refuses to co-operate with police, detectives are keen to pin down exactly where Warriena Tagpuno Wright, 26, spent her time while on a fortnight's holiday in Queensland.

Wright, who went by the name Rrie, was in Australia to catch up with friends and to attend a wedding.

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Gable Tostee hasn't explained to police how the woman fell off his balcony.

She spent some of her time with friend Savana Lena, but it is not believed Lena was with her when she was on the Gold Coast.

"We're interested in determining her movements, her activities and her companions during that period."

Wright died early on Friday morning after spending the night with Gable Tostee - a man she is understood to have met through dating app Tinder - at his apartment in Surfers Paradise. He was not there when police arrived at the scene.


Neighbours reported hearing arguments in Tostee's apartment before Wright fell 14 floors to her death. Some recounted hearing a woman's screams.

Tostee, 28, was questioned by police on Friday and released without charge. He was still "executing his right to silence" and police had not heard from him or his lawyer, Detective Superintendent Dave Hutchinson said.

Tostee took to a bodybuilding forum this week to say he was "devastated" by Wright's death, and denied having anything to do with her fall.

He also talked about taking home about 150 girls from clubs during the past few years. On the same site, in June, he boasted that a 21-year-old Tinder date, whom he referred to as a "young sloot", came over to his place where he tried to initiate sex, but the girl "bolted out the door".

Police believe some of Wright's family could be in Australia by the end of the week.



July 29: Arrives in Brisbane

July 30, 31: Location unknown

August 1-3: At a resort where the wedding was held in Queensland

August 4: Location unknown

August 5: Stayed in a motel in Kangaroo Pt, Brisbane

August 6: Booked into a Gold Coast hotel

August 7: Evening, meets Gable Tostee

August 8: 2.20am. Falls to her death from the 14th floor of the Avalon apartments 

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