US delegation startles Rotorua

04:39, Aug 13 2014
uS plane Rotorua
FLYING VISIT: A US Air Force C40 used for official travel of government officials lands in Rotorua.

Rotorua was startled this morning by the arrival of a United States Air Force executive aircraft carrying a delegation of members of congress.

The plane was a US Air Force C40 used for official travel of government officials, a US embassy spokesman said.

It was carrying representatives from the US Congress, led by Washington Congressman Doc Hastings, on a visit to New Zealand to examine natural resources and exports, he said.

"[They] are visiting New Zealand for several days to examine areas of interest to the US Congress' house committee on natural resources, including energy and mineral production and export in Australia and New Zealand."

They will meet New Zealand government representatives and private sector representatives in Auckland, Rotorua, and Taupo, he said.

The US Secretary of State John Kerry earlier left Sydney for the Solomon Islands but this was not related to that.

Nor was it related to former prime minister and current United Nations Development Programme administrator Helen Clark speaking at the Rotorua Civic Theatre at 7.30pm.