Woman counts blessings after stray bullet

17:00, Aug 13 2014
Cathy Franzoi
FORGIVING: Cathy Franzoi, pictured with her four children, says the stray bullet that struck her leg was a random event.

Waihi Beach woman Cathy Franzoi bears no malice against the shooter who fired a bullet that hit her in Papua New Guinea.

Franzoi was wounded in the leg by a reported "stray bullet" in Port Moresby on Sunday while she was sleeping.

"In my opinion, this was a random event. It does not appear that we were targeted, or that there was a massive gunfight going on. I do not hold any grudge against whomever was wielding the gun," she said yesterday.

Franzoi, who is a fulltime homeschooling teacher to her four children, was flown to Cairns Hospital for surgery and remains there in a stable condition.

Her 15-year-old son, Luke, was also on the trip but returned home on Tuesday.

Her husband, Rodney Franzoi, said he was unsure when she would be allowed to return home. He agreed it was a freak accident.


"It's as random as you will ever get. The trouble with bullets is, if you fire them they have got to land somewhere."

Cathy Franzoi had just finished a working stint with Christian organisation YWAM and was spending one extra night in Papua New Guinea.

She said she had tried to flip her bed around earlier that night, but thought the owners of the guest house may not have approved.

"Plus the mattress was rather heavy, and so I decided against it. Had I flipped it, the bullet would have gone into my chest."

Franzoi, a devout Christian, said she was grateful to God there was not an "entirely different outcome".

"We were in bed asleep when one of the ladies in our room was awoken by some gunshots. The shots appeared to be getting closer, so she called out for us to get onto the floor.

"I had not woken properly and was still lying on my side when I felt the bullet hit. After the hit, there was one more shot, further away again."

She said there were about six shots in total.

She stressed the incident was not connected to the YWAM Ships medical outreach that she and Luke had completed the previous day.