Reward offered after tool theft

REWARD OFFERED: $10,000 in on offer for information leading to the arrest of this thief.
REWARD OFFERED: $10,000 in on offer for information leading to the arrest of this thief.

A cash reward is being offered for information leading to the arrest of a thief who stole about $10,000 of powertools from a Wellington building.

The thief accessed the Lambton Quay building with a swipecard on July 20 and then broke into a purpose-built, padlocked room where contractors' tools were being stored.

''You can see in the video, he comes in, parks up, cool as a cucumber, locks his car, goes down, smashes our door to bits, steals all the tools, and just casually unlocks his car again, puts all the tools in and drives away,'' said hammerhand Grant Kitto, one of the victims.

Five contractors had tools ranging from nailguns to small jackhammers stolen from the site, where they are refurbishing three floors for Les Mills gym.

''It's a man's bread and butter, it's pretty frustrating. I'm on another job at the minute and I'm struggling without some of my tools,'' said Kitto.

Every contractor buys their own tools, insurance on them is expensive, and it's often impractical to lug them back and forth from work, he said.

Kitto said after seeing the thief use a swipe card to access the building, his feeling is it was someone who knew what they were looking for. 

The theft was reported to police but there had been little progress, said Kitto. 

Building owners Prime Property and one of the affected contracting companies, Freear Philip, had pitched in for a cash reward of $1000 for information, and Kitto hoped to raise a bit more.

Anyone with information can contact Wellington Police on 04 381 2000. 

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