Best mates ready to tie knot for Rugby World Cup ticket

17:00, Aug 15 2014
Lewis Jackman and Hayden Kellas
BROMANCE: Lewis Jackson, left, and Hayden Kellas are willing to make the ultimate commitment in order to win a trip to the Rugby World Cup in England next year.

It was love at first fight for Hayden Kellas; now the 21-year-old Temuka man is prepared to make the ultimate commitment and legally marry his best mate Lewis Jackman.

The pair have entered The Edge radio station's Love You Man competition with a trip to next year's Rugby World Cup in England on offer.

"As soon as I heard it I was keen as . . . at first I didn't even know there was a trip to England involved," he chuckled.

Kellas said he picked Jackman for the task as they had a lot in common. "He's so much like me and likes to have a laugh like me. Out of all my mates he's the one I knew would have been game to do it."

Unfortunately Jackman didn't appear too enthused when The Edge staff called to talk to him this week.

"At first he wasn't too sure, he didn't understand what it was about. He thought we actually had to be a couple but now he's OK with it."


The Edge breakfast radio host Dom Harvey said as it was a once in a lifetime trip, they needed "the ultimate commitment".

"And there is no commitment better than marriage. Bromance. It is a thing and we want to celebrate it."

Kellas said he and Jackman first met at Opihi College about seven years ago.

"He used to beat me up on the rugby field," Kellas said.

Both play senior rugby for Temuka and work at Temuka Transport and aren't afraid of any backlash.

"Anyone who knows us would understand . . . we probably push the limits a wee bit," Kellas joked.

Nationally, the competition has drawn both positive and negative attention, but Kellas said he had had nothing but support. "Even my mum said if we won she would be there with bells on."

The Edge, which is owned by MediaWorks, has built a reputation on creating outrageous weddings.

They have married three sets of strangers, eloped three couples to Las Vegas, married a couple without clothes in Nudie Nuptials, left the groom to do all the work in Man Made Wedding and last year celebrated same-sex marriage by marrying two gay couples.

"We're not out to offend, just to make entertaining radio," programme director Leon Wratt said.

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