Banned from stadiums: cats, antlers, bullets

Punters have tried to smuggle live bullets, deer antlers and animals into New Zealand sports stadiums and soon officials might be looking for iPads as well.

It seems a radical move, but banning iPads from sporting stadiums has become a reality after Manchester United fans were told this week they could no longer bring "large electronic devices", including tablets and laptops, to Old Trafford.

New Zealand's main sporting stadiums are still comfortable with the devices - for now. As Vbase event logistics manager Peter Maddock puts it, tablets are not considered recording devices for commercial purposes at AMI Stadium.

But if you want to take a few snaps at Eden Park, forget about taking your tripod, a lens any larger than 200 millimetres or video and sound recordings intended for commercial use.

At Dunedin's Forsyth Barr Stadium, punters with a removable lens will be asked to pack it away.

According to Maddock, items are prohibited to protect the public, reduce the "nuisance factor" and to protect the commercial interests of the venue hirers.

Those rules were broken every now and again and, in some cases, he has seen spectators go to extremes.

Sofas, deer antlers, live ammunition, crates of beer and even chickens feature on the list of unusual items intended for the stands at AMI Stadium.

Down in Dunedin's covered stadium, a stringent checklist did not stop a group of university students trying to pass through the turnstiles with a kitten they had found on the way.

AMI Stadium insists everyone is "appropriately dressed", while Eden Park wants people to "conform to reasonable standards of decency".

It means punters should shy away from entering in bare feet, with gang patches, high-visibility clothing or inappropriate costumes. Break any of those rules and security have the right to refuse entry.

On the other hand you "can" bring an unopened clear plastic non-alcoholic drink bottle under 1 litre, homemade food items for personal consumption and, at AMI Stadium, spectators are even allowed an umbrella - but note it cannot exceed one metre.



Remember to leave at home:

Scooters, bikes, skateboards or prams


Alcoholic drinks and drugs

Knives and weapons

Cameras/recording devices for commercial purposes

Air horns

Hard chillybins

Obscene clothing (must dress to an appropriate standard)

Offensive or oversized banners

Cans/glass Unsealed bottles or containers of any size

Commercial food Chairs/stools/furniture

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