Oil spill at Tauranga port

09:11, Aug 19 2014

Up to 20 litres of heavy fuel oil was spilled from a bulk carrier at the Port of Tauranga today.

The leak came from the Seastar Empress, as it neared the end of refuelling, the Bay of Plenty Regional Council said.

It was discovered at 11.30am.

Most of the spill was collected in the "keep-safe" area around the bunkering connection, and only about one litre went into the harbour below the connection at Berth 11, council senior pollution prevention officer Adrian Heays said.

“The failure occurred at the coupling connection to the Port of Tauranga fuel lines. The hose, coupling and the connection are being examined and will not be reused until the cause is determined."

The cause was being investigated by SGS/Mobil, the Sunlive website reported.