Black Power's South Island leader dies

BLACK POWER: Ardie Beazley pictured in 2001.
BLACK POWER: Ardie Beazley pictured in 2001.

The president of Black Power South Island has died.

Ardie Te Aroha Beazley died in Christchurch Hospital on Tuesday "surrounded by his whanau", the death notice said.

Beazley was no stranger to the criminal courts.

He was jailed in 1998 on cannabis charges. He was then working as a painter and decorator.

In 2004, aged 47, a police raid found him smoking P (methamphetamine) in his home where he had three children living aged from nine to 13. He was ordered to pay $38.

In May this year, Beazley was back in court, pleading guilty to driving while suspended. He had been stopped just 10 minutes after being disqualified from driving for three months in April.

His funeral will be held at Rehua Marae, in Christchurch, on Monday.

Beazley, who was 57, is survived by his wife and 10 children.

Gang expert Jarrod Gilbert said, like any organisation, the gang would need to elect a new president.

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