Phew! Lights stay on for Bledisloe Cup

Suburbs surrounding Eden Park blacked out as the All Blacks kicked off against The Wallabies tonight.

A power failure has affected 900 homes in Sandringham and Mount Eden, Auckland. Supply was restored to all but 288 of them by 8.40pm. 

The journey back home for punters won't be a repeat of 2011's World Cup transport woes, says Sandy Hodge of power company Vector.

"The trains on that line aren't electric and the bells and arms have back-up battery operations."

Eden Park is also safe, with a separate unit running the power for the park.

However, those in surrounding areas still without power will have to resort to listening to the crowd instead of watching the game on TV until the power is restored later tonight.

Comedian Jacquie Brown tweeted: "Woah. Power cut in Kingsland! Can't see! Wonder if Eden Park is out too", at 7.11pm.

The power is expected to be back on for all by about 9.30pm.