And here comes the rain...

19:36, Aug 27 2014

Enjoy the fine weather while it lasts because the forecast for the first week of September is rubbish just about everywhere.

Most of the country stays dry today, with the exception of Northland and possibly Auckland where MetService expects a few showers to fall.

Conditions deteriorate further in the north tomorrow, as winds from the easterly quarter become increasingly dominant in the next few days.

It looks as if the dry conditions are over for Northland for the foreseeable future, while Auckland could get a dry reprieve tomorrow before rain arrives for the weekend.

MetService is predicting a dry but cloudy Saturday for Hamilton with occasional rain on Sunday. Occasional drizzle could arise in Tauranga tomorrow with conditions going downhill from there.

New Plymouth will be breezy but fine until rain arrives on Sunday, while Gisborne is likely to have showers from today with drizzle settling in by the weekend, while Hawke's Bay has a chance of a dry day today with occasional showers or drizzle likely through the weekend.


Palmerston North has the promise of three days of sunshine, with clouds on Sunday and rain on Monday.

Blue skies in Wellington today are expected to give way to dry cloudy conditions to the end of the weekend.

The top of the South Island is also expected to be dry, but with increasing cloud through to the end of the weekend. Christchurch could have showers by Saturday.

Dunedin looks like it will be drier longer than just about anywhere else, with no rain forecast until next Wednesday, but after mostly clear skies today, the chances of the sun being obscured rise.

Temperatures are unspectacular in coastal Otago, falling away until they are just squeezing into double figures by Monday.

Central Otago is also expected to be dry, but with plenty of cloud, until rain comes on Wednesday. Its temperatures will move in the opposite direction to the coast and become warmer.

Greymouth continues to have the best short-term weather outlook in the country, with sunny skies through to the end of the weekend and 15 degrees Celsius maximums for three days from tomorrow.

MetService is gloomy about the prospects for much of the country in September, with the first month of spring expected to be wetter than normal for the whole North Island and for Nelson and Marlborough. Further south, it could be relatively dry in Southland and Otago.