Paddlers set Guinness World Record

A world record for the most people on a stand-up paddleboard was set on Auckland's viaduct Harbour on Saturday.

Fifty-two participants paddled 100 metres to cross the finishing line on a long paddle board without losing balance.  

The record was staged as a part of the Auckland on Water Boat Show in conjunction with the Child Cancer Foundation.

On board the stand-up paddleboard were children from the Child Cancer Foundation as well as members from the paddleboard community.

General manager of inflatable boat manufacturer Lancer Industries Charles Winstone said the biggest challenge was trying to balance 52 people on a 20-metre long board.

"I think the biggest challenge was to co-ordinate everyone on board and get them moving at the same time and having no one fall in."

Winstone said he was required to negotiate a set of guidelines with the Guinness World Records team.

It had taken months of negotiation to set the guidelines for the world record, he said.

"...they've actually been quite reasonable and that they don't set a black and white line they actually allow a bit of negotiation..."

Event director of the Jett City Surf City surf series said the "conditions were not too bad with a slightly little head wind", making it a little challenging.