Remote control handles demolition

18:08, Nov 04 2014
Redcliffs demolition
COMING DOWN: Demolition of 8F Balmoral Lane above Redcliffs School. 

A pair of houses on the Port Hills are being demolished after they were found to be deteriorating badly and leaning towards neighbouring homes.

The two houses on Balmoral Lane above Redcliffs are being partially demolished with remote-controlled bulldozers because the cliff edge is too dangerous for people. One of the homes could be seen above Redcliffs School from Main Rd, slumping at a strange angle on the cliff edge.

Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Authority (Cera) Port Hills clearance manager Brenden Winder said the homes were found to be dilapidated during routine vegetation clearance last week. One home had started to lean towards neighbouring occupied homes.

"The buildings were compromised, sagging and collapsed. One home was tilted towards the cliff edge, but it collapsed again and tilted back towards those buildings," he said. "If the building collapses it could spread a lot of material into the wind, so we wanted to take care of that risk.

"These are not emergency demolitions. There was an opportunity to take them down."

The demolitions are being conducted by Cera and insurance company Southern Response.


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