Woman rides jet ski on motorway

HEADING NORTH: This pic was shared on Twitter.
HEADING NORTH: This pic was shared on Twitter.

A woman caught sitting on a jet ski as it was towed by a truck along an Auckland motorway has been labelled careless and stupid.

The over-enthusiastic jet skier was snapped in a photo by a passing motorist on the North-Western motorway in the area of the inner-city suburb of Newton - where other vehicles passing her could reach speeds of 100 kmh. 

The photo has become a viral hit online. 

Only in New Zealand! @LocalAuckland's finest. pic.twitter.com/CHy0fyEyHG

— Ashley Thompson (@ash_thompson88) November 20, 2014

Police spokeswoman Noreen Hegarty rebuked the woman for her life-threatening stunt. ''Stupidity on the roads causes heartbreaks in homes," she said.

She said the woman and the driver were committing a traffic offence. If police track them down, they risk penalties for dangerous driving and having an unrestrained passenger in tow.

Hegarty said it was unclear when the offending occurred despite the photo going viral last week. 

She said police were asking people to come forward and identify the woman.

AA motoring affairs boss Mike Noon said the woman posed a risk to herself and other motorists who would be distracted.

''It's very, very silly behaviour. It's in the same category as people standing on the back of cars, people sitting on the roof of the car, things like that. I'm sure if they thought it through they wouldn't do it.''

Road safety campaigner Clive Matthew-Wilson said the woman flirted with her own life. 

"Quite clearly, the process of natural selection is at work here: if the car that's towing her stops suddenly, she gets removed from the gene pool."

Last month a photo showing a man holding a fridge on the roof of a moving car in west Auckland drew similar condemnation after it too went viral online.

The picture of the unconventional delivery was uploaded to the New Lynn Facebook page showing the man standing on the boot wearing jandals and clutching onto the fridge.

In 2008, a Kiwi motorcyclist was photographed riding on the Eastern Freeway in Victoria with a barbecue strapped to his body.