Family to discuss future of Qian Xun Xue

01:43, Jan 31 2009

The future of toddler Qian Xun Xue is likely to be debated in a family conference today as the hunt for her father, wanted for the murder of her mother, continues in America.
Small group farewell abandoned girl's mother

The three-year-old was re-united with her grandmother Xiao Ping Liu in Auckland on Tuesday, 11 days after her father, Nai Yin Xue, abandoned her in the Southern Cross railway station in Melbourne and fled to Los Angeles.

Mrs Liu's daughter, Qian Xun's mother, Anan Liu, was cremated yesterday in a small funeral service in Auckland.

Today Child, Youth and Family was expected to host a small family conference to discuss Qian's future.

Mrs Liu was expected to be appointed guardian.

She was reported to have told mourners at the funeral she could not express how deep her sorrow was over the death of her daughter.


She said she wanted to take Qian Xun back to China and raise her in a way her daughter would approve.

"That would be the best comfort she could have."

Yesterday Qian Xun's half sister, Grace Xue, appealed for her fugitive father to surrender to American police.

Ms Xue, 27, who did not know she had a half sister until she saw news reports of her father after Qian Xun was abandoned, said she wanted what was best for her little sister and wanted to be part of her life.

She had yet to meet Qian Xun or Xiao Ping Liu but said that would have to be handled sensitively because of the grief and trauma the family had been through.

"She's such an innocent child. I just want to do my utmost to care for her, to give her support, to give her the kind of love I never had."

Ms Xue said her father had also abandoned her.

Ms Xue was left alone in Auckland a number of years ago with little money and little English.

She now lives in Auckland with a partner and their one-year-old son Edward.

Qian Xun may not yet have been told she had a half sister but Ms Xue said she would leave experts to decide when it was right to tell her.