Young dad sentenced to jail

A repeat burglar who became a teenage father in January was jailed today for a year and nine months.

Traan Kino, 17, reacted angrily when sentenced by Judge Paul Geoghegan in the Tauranga District Court.

He lashed out, struggling as police attempted to lead him from the dock. His upset partner hurriedly left the public gallery with two supporters.

The slightly built offender had written a letter to the judge expressing his desire to be a parent to his new baby.

Parental responsibility was wasted on him, the judge said.

Kino did not allow it "to interfere with his desire to burgle property".

He told the defendant: "You will be a good father to your child when you stop offending – not before.

"You cannot be a decent parent if you keep doing this as regularly as you do."

Home detention would simply not be appropriate for Kino, who had a "concerning list" of previous convictions, mainly for burglary and dishonestly, said Judge Geoghegan.

"At your age, rehabilitation should be central to sentencing but you have really no desire to change and there is a point where the public need to be protected from people like you."

He was sentencing Kino on two charges of burglary and one each of attempted burglary, receiving, theft, intentional damage and breaching release conditions.

The crimes were committed almost immediately after release from a previous prison term.

The judge described the burglaries as "extremely brazen". Kino had walked into places – including the home of an 85-year-old – and searched them. In one case he took $140 from a moneybox he found under a bed in a child's room.

"You don't seem to care if people are in their homes or not."

Kino had "no intention or desire to change," Judge Geoghegan said.

In late January, Judge Peter Rollo granted bail to Kino who had just become a father, saying it was about time the teenager began to honour his responsibilities.

But the 17-year-old breached his curfew within three hours of his release from court.

Back before the same judge, Kino begged to be readmitted to bail, saying it was his birthday a few days later.

His plea for "one more chance" was rejected. Birthday or no birthday, said Judge Rollo, Kino had "used up all his credits" and would be remanded in custody until today's sentencing.