Unsafe boy racers flock to BOP for New Year

21:38, Feb 17 2009

The poseur population of Western Bay of Plenty spiked over the New Year with a number of out-of-towners caught driving vehicles with aesthetic modifications that were in many cases dodgy and illegal.

Western BOP police were cracking down on boy racer vehicles with serious safety breaches over the holiday period and from December 30 to January 3 ordered 54 vehicles off the road for serious safety breaches.

Police said many had mechanical faults and uncertified modifications which endangered the vehicle's occupants along with everyone else on the road.

"Many of the defects were obvious backyard modifications, including cut springs, no shock absorbers, suspension lowered below 100mm and tyres worn down to and through the metal chords," Senior Sergeant Ian Campion said.

The "all show and no go" mentality continued with defective and excessively noisy mods to exhaust systems and cars with zero suspension travel.

Mr Campion said the large majority of dangerous vehicles were driven by visitors to the Bay, while most of the local vehicles checked were up to scratch.