Kristin applied for Veitch job after attack

Kristin Dunne-Powell inquired about a TVNZ job which would have involved promoting Tony Veitch at a time she said she was living in fear of him.

Two TVNZ sources have confirmed Dunne-Powell inquired about the then-vacant Head of Marketing position at the beginning of 2007 a year after his January 29, 2006 attack on her which fractured her spine.

In Dunne-Powell's victim impact statement read to Auckland District Court on Thursday, after Veitch admitted injuring her with reckless disregard, she said she was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder in March 2006.

"Tony made me feel to blame, helpless, isolated, threatened and ashamed. I felt at the time my life was at risk," Dunne-Powell said in her victim impact statement.

If she had been appointed TVNZ's marketing head, her duties would have included overseeing the promotion of Veitch at the time TV One's high-profile sports broadcaster.

Veitch told Sunday News Dunne-Powell rang him in December 2006 and asked if he would have an issue with her working at the same organisation.

"I told her that I wouldn't," he said. "I said it would be fine."

The position was filled in March 2007.

Someone in the Veitch camp supplied Sunday News with emails he said were written by him and Dunne-Powell in the weeks after the attack which left her with a fractured back and would ultimately destroy his broadcasting career.

On Thursday, Dunne-Powell told TV3 she didn't want anything to do with Veitch from "early March (2006)".

But on March 8, 2006, she sent an email about a possible weekend away with Veitch who was to be MC at a gig in Hamilton on March 17-19.

In the email to Veitch, Dunne-Powell wrote: "Not sure if you are doing nights, days or both but just a thought. Fully realise you may need to go out with a group but given that it's over the three days I thought you might want some company in the evidently dull Hamilton. We could go to the Museum or sh*t like that or just have (you know what)."

Dunne-Powell told TV3 in the months immediately after the attack she was "a mess of emotions guilt, blame, love, fear".

In an email to Veitch on February 12, she wrote: "I would love to prove to you that we can be together without conflict and let some of those good feelings return but I get met with resistance from you."

Three days later she wrote: "I wonder if you can ask yourself this do you still love me? From this Saturday can you imagine your life without me in it? How would you feel if I were with another man? Can you let go of the woman who wants to have your children and make a home with you? Do you see other girls and wonder what it would be like to be with them? Can you forgive me, respect me and be proud of me again?"

Veitch, who has steadfastly claimed he thought the pair had parted on good terms, emailed Dunne-Powell on November 17 two days before he paid her $10,000 to cover her medical bills.

"If I don't sever ties with you I don't think I will truly learn from all this and grow from all this. I've spoken about this with my counsellor and she thinks it is a good idea to sever ties as well. I agree that too much has happened in our past now and for both our sakes it is time to accept that we tried and it was not meant to be.

"I want you to know that (Veitch's wife) Zoe is fully aware of what has happened. She always has been and I really want to build our lives together just as you and (Dunne-Powell's husband) Morgan have. That is part of the reason why I think we need a clean break.

"It affects you and I way too much. I just want you to be happy. I want you to fulfil all your dreams. You will be a fantastic mum and wife and I am sorry I will not get to see evidence of that. So, Kristin Louise Dunne, I say to you, good luck for your future.

"Again I say with utter sadness how sorry I am for all that has happened. That type of behaviour was not us. It was not even close. We are much better people than that. I know that in my heart that was certainly not me. How I ever got to that level belies belief just know I intend never to get back there again. I will always miss you."

Dunne-Powell replied the next day: "I do think of you every day and I am happy you are finding love and happiness with Zoe. I will never understand why it could not be with me but I guess as I have said a billion times it's unfolding exactly as it should. Love Kristin."

Last night Dunne-Powell said: "I just want to put this behind me and move on, and therefore, making no comment is the only way to ensure this media contact stops."

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