Hammer, axe, golf club and pool cue used in fight

An armed scuffle on Eketahuna's Main St saw two groups of people battle with an axe, golf club, pool cue and hammer.

Eketahuna Constable Dave Gallagher said the fight started when four family members of a burglary victim confronted the alleged burglar about 1.30pm yesterday.

The man became upset with the family members and threatened them with a hammer, Mr Gallagher said.

The man's two friends, a man and woman, emerged from a nearby car armed with an axe and golf club respectively.

One of the family members attempted to even the score by running into a nearby pub and grabbing a pool cue.

In the ensuing fight, the alleged burglar and his friends were disarmed by the family members.

The axe-wielding man was struck on the shoulder with the handle of his own axe and had to be taken to Palmerston North Hospital with a suspected broken shoulder.

The fight was broken up by police, who arrested and charged a 17-year-old Eketahuna man with possession of an offensive weapon.

Mr Gallagher said further charges were likely to be laid against people from both parties.

"This is what happens when idiots produce weapons," he said.

The Manawatu Standard