Man stabs himself in neck

14:19, Jul 02 2009
SELF-STABBING: The man is led away to an ambulance.

A 30-year-old man stabbed himself in the neck while being sentenced for possession of child pornography in the Wellington District Court today.

The male was in the dock awaiting sentencing around 12.40pm and was seen to remove his shoe and put it back on again, police said this evening.

Sergeant Wade Jennings said the the 30-year-old "stood up and without warning used a knife he had removed from his shoe while bending down and stabbed himself in the neck".

Court security staff disarmed the man in court room 2 and carried out first aid until ambulance staff arrived, Mr Jennings said.

He was taken to Wellington Hospital and subsequently underwent surgery and is in a stable condition tonight.

Mr Jennings said police are not considering prosecution for any criminal offences.


It is understood the man was being sentenced for 32 charges of possessing objectionable material.

He was sentenced to a term of six months in prison.

Film footage on TV3's website showed an overweight, shirtless man being led by police and paramedics from the court house to an ambulance, covered in blood and clutching his neck.

Wellington District Court manager Peter Bachelor said the man had name suppression.

Metal detectors standing beside one of the doors into the court were not being used. and NZPA