McShock: Blade cuts girl in kiddies' play tunnel

01:43, Jan 31 2009
INJURED: McDonald's worker Lisa Daurua, 16, who received eight stitches after her stomach was cut while cleaning the playground.

Security has been increased at McDonald's in New Plymouth after a staff member's stomach was sliced open by a blade left in a the play tunnel.

Lisa Daurua received a 7cm gash below her navel and required eight stitches.

Miss Daurua, 16,  said she realised she was bleeding from a stomach wound shortly after she finished cleaning the tunnel in the restaurant's play area.

She believes somebody had planted a blade there deliberately.

"Someone has shoved razor blades inside a broken pen and put it inside the tunnel," Miss Daurua said.

"They are so lucky it happened to me and not a kid."


She is frustrated McDonald's has done nothing to alert police of the incident which occurred about 8.30pm on January 24.

Miss Daurua, who is a student at New Plymouth Girls' High School, says the incident has upset her enough to consider quitting her part-time job.

McDonald's manager Geoff Genner said the incident was treated very seriously. Managers have now been asked to check Playlands both in the mornings and again at 5pm.

When the fast-food outlet was extra busy, an additional check would be carried out about 2pm, he said.

Mr Genner said the incident was worrying. It was fully investigated by himself and other senior staff at the time and a full report sent to head office.

Closed-circuit television footage was reviewed but no one was seen acting suspiciously in the two hours before the injury occurred, Mr Genner said.

"I thoroughly checked the video. If we had (seen anything suspicious) we would have called the police. Why would I not call the police when there is a major potential danger?"

An ambulance was immediately called. Miss Daurua was treated at Taranaki Base Hospital's emergency department, Mr Genner said.

The Department of Labour was not informed because the injury was not thought to be serious.

The worker did not need to stay in hospital overnight.

New Plymouth police and the Department of Labour confirmed they had not been told of the incident.


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