Crowds turn out for Boobs on Bikes

Motorbikes, tanks, half-naked girls, flamboyant cross-dressers and the woman with the world's largest breasts took over central Auckland today for the annual Boobs on Bikes parade.

The parade kicked off at 12.45pm, accompanied  by a heavy police presence and security guards on Segways.

The procession was led by porn king Steve Crow in a roofless car. Following behind on a tank was adult entertainer Chelsea Charms, who claims to have the world's biggest breasts.

Crow said over 100 people were involved in today's parade and despite the rain, thousands of onlookers crowded along Queen Street.

Some of the more unusual sights in the parade were a topless women in a spa pool who splashed the crowd, and a hairy, topless man on a motorbike.

A group of around 12 protesters, holding signs such as "God defend Auckland", prayed silently and sang hymns. Some of them turned their backs to parade.

Alisha Dykstra who is in New Zealand on a mission from the United States said the parade was degrading for women.

"We just believe like in the worth and in the confidence of women and not having to be seen as an object."

She said porn contributed to a lot of social problems such as high rates of divorce and extra-marital affairs.

"This becomes, like, such an issue that it takes up their life.

"It's much more serious that people believe that it is."

Onlooker Trevor, 58, who declined to give his surname, said though some people complained about the parade he enjoyed it.

"It's a good idea," he said.

He pointed to the army truckload of cross-dressers and said while they weren't his thing it provided a bit of colour.

"I wouldn't say I'm super into cross-dressers but [it's] a bit of a laugh.

"Those people that aren't interested in it, they just don't come to Queen Street. They should stay home and watch Mary Poppins instead."

New Business Association chief executive Cameron Brewer said the parade was a bad look.

"The timing couldn't be worse with Boobs On Bikes right in the middle of Fashion Week. Our best and brightest fashion designers are doing their best to showcase New Zealand high fashion, yet there's a tacky sideshow holding up all the traffic," he said.

"It's a real shame when our celebrated creative sector are putting their best foot forward this week. It's an untimely distraction.”

"Let's hope the visitors, international fashion media and buyers are too busy down at the viaduct to see what's going down Queen Street."