Desert storm hits Taranaki

22:40, Sep 24 2009
Sydney dust storm
DUST STORM: A blanket of dust covers Sydney as two men wait at the entrance to the Anzac Bridge in Pyrmont to be picked up for work.
Sydney Harbour Bridge
SYDNEY STORM: A blanket of dust covers Sydney's Harbour Bridge.
Paddington in dust
DUST STORM: The Paddington area of Sydney is blanketed by dust.
sydney dust
LIFE ON MARS: A photographer takes pictures of Sydney Harbour bridge as a dust storm blankets the city.
Sydney skyline
SYDNEY SKYLINE: The dust storm disrupted transport and placed health authorities on alert for widespread respiratory illness.
Sydney Harbour Bridge
TAKING PRECAUTIONS: A man wearing a dust mask walks across the Sydney Harbour Bridge as a dust storm blankets the city.
Sydney commuters in the dust
WAITING FOR A TRAIN: Sydney commuters are coated as red dust pervades the city.
Sydney in dust
RED DUST: Cars wait at traffic lights during a dust storm which covered Sydney.
Sydney dust storm
SYDNEY DUST: The Harbour Bridge can just be seen in the background as dust shrouds the city.
Sydney dust storm
LANDMARKS DISAPPEAR: The Opera House is shrouded in dust as Sydney wakes up to a major dust storm.
Australian dust storm
DUST STORM: An enhanced colour satellite image shows the dust storm covering eastern Australia.

Red dust believed to be from Australian desert storms is settling in parts of Taranaki.

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The Taranaki Daily News was inundated with calls this morning as people spotted the dust on their homes, cars and outdoor furniture in heavy downpours.

The dust was described by some as similar to a light dusting of fertilizer.

The fine gritty sand is believed to have come over from Australia where a large dust storm covered Sydney earlier this week.


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