Millionaire fined for knocking boy off bike

16:00, Oct 14 2009

Millionaire businessman Sam Kelt has been fined for driving an unwarranted vehicle and for knocking a young cyclist off his bicycle.

Kelt, 46, appeared before two justices of the peace in Hastings District Court yesterday for what was to be a defended hearing.

He did not appear in court and was represented by lawyer Michael Bate, who entered a guilty plea on his client's behalf to a charge of failing to give way.

A further charge of careless driving was withdrawn by police.

Kelt, a merchant banker, was driving a 1994 Toyota Corolla II saloon in St Aubyn's St East in central Hastings about 8am on May 4.

As he approached the roundabout intersecting Willowpark Rd North, he failed to notice a 13-year-old cyclist on his right.


As the boy made his way around the roundabout, intending to continue straight through it, Kelt entered the roundabout and collided with him.

The boy fell from his bike but was not injured.

When police arrived, they discovered Kelt's vehicle did not have a warrant of fitness. The vehicle is owned by his merchant bank, Kelt Capital. Kelt told police he believed he had given way but also said the sun was in his eyes.

Mr Bate said Kelt had apologised to the boy and had bought him a new bicycle.

The justices of the peace fined Kelt $300 for the driving offence, $200 for failing to have a warrant of fitness and ordered him to pay $130 court costs.

Kelt told The Dominion Post that he had pleaded guilty so the boy did not have to give evidence. "I was opposed to traumatising a 13-year-old boy by putting him on the witness stand. That was the sole reason for pleading guilty."

In June, Kelt was discharged without conviction on a charge of assaulting a barman in Havelock North.

The Dominion Post