Parent shocked by police driving

Footage of two police cars skidding on a schoolground within metres of a children's bouncy castle has "made a mockery" of the Government's safe-driving message, a parent says.

The five-minute clip, uploaded online to YouTube on Thursday, was shot at a fundraising event at Auckland's Target Rd Primary School.

Parent David MacGregor attended the event with his daughter and a group of children when he used his mobile phone to capture shots of the cars.

He said the two uniformed policemen took donations from children, who were then put into the cars and driven around the grounds doing "figure eights and donuts" with lights flashing and sirens blaring.

The cars were passing each other and skidding near children playing on a bouncy castle and lining up to get icecream from a truck with the words Mind that child on the back, Mr MacGregor said.

The scene "made a mockery" of the Government's safe-driving message. "A slight loss of control could have ended in a collision."

Police National Headquarters spokeswoman Debbie Corney said police in Waitemata district would be requesting the original footage to establish its authenticity and "speaking to staff to determine exactly what happened".

A spokesman for Police Minister Judith Collins would not comment until police received more details.

The event, a school fundraiser, took place in November 2008.

Mr MacGregor had not posted the footage online until his phone memory filled up and he learned how to upload it to YouTube.

He was shocked there were no safety precautions, no bales and no marshals.

Mr MacGregor said it showed poor judgment because the police officers who were driving could be the same ones who visited classrooms and taught kids the "make it click" message.

"It was really close [to the bouncy castle].

"I don't think that just because nothing happened means that it was safe. I don't think it sends a very good message to kids.

"I would be interested in the thought process behind it, if there was any."

Mr MacGregor said that kind of activity sent a mixed signal to children and the public.

"Minister Judith Collins would demand that these vehicles be confiscated and crushed if they were driven by private citizens, amongst other serious penalties."

A comment left on the YouTube site said: "Wow, I am a 21 year old with a 'boy racer' car and I am disgusted by the reckless disregard for safety. However I still think that while they are irresponsible for doing this, posting such a video on you tube is only exasterbating [sic] the irresponsible message."

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