Beehive evacuated for cluster flies

02:11, May 17 2010
EVACUATION: Police at the cordon surrounding the area near the Beehive after a suspicious package was found.

A suspicious package which prompted a full evacuation at Parliament this morning was full of live cluster flies, a parliamentary source said.

The bomb scare began after a note was found on a box in Agriculture Minister David Carter's office, saying it contained a bomb, at about 8am by an arriving worker.

The whole executive wing was evacuated when the package was found. Staff were allowed to return just after 11am.

Cluster flies are increasingly common in New Zealand. They are so named because they communicate with each other using aggregate pheromones - a scent to summon themselves into "clusters".


Mr Key and Cabinet Minister Steven Joyce and their staff this morning sheltered from the rain during the bomb scare at local watering hole The Occidental.


The pub is a parliamentary institution and the ministers and about 15 staff used the opportunity to grab a bite to eat.

"It's not the normal start to a Monday morning unfortunately," Mr Key said.

Business continued as Mr Key got emails on his phone and discussed issues with Mr Joyce.

However, it was too far to say Cabinet had reconvened in the pub.

"It won't be Cabinet but it's the first time I've had breakfast here, delicious."

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