Wellington less livable than Auckland

00:10, May 26 2010
Auckland city
CITY OF SAILS: Auckland is one of the world's top five cities to live in, according to a new global survey.

Wellington has been pipped by Auckland in a global survey to find the world's most livable city.

Auckland was ranked in the world's top five cities, holding steady at 4th position and scoring 107.4 points, on par with Vancouver.

Wellington held its position from last year at 12th place, with 105.9 points.

The Mercer's 2010 Quality of Living Survey, which covered 221 cities, was based on 39 criteria including socio-economic, environmental, health, education, and transport.

Cities were compared to New York as the base city, with an index score of 100.

New Zealand and Australian cities were attractive destinations for overseas expatriates, it found.

Vienna was ranked as the city with the world's best quality of living.

Baghdad came in at the bottom of the table.

Top 20 cities: Quality of living ranking

1. Vienna
2. Zurich
3. Geneva
4. Vancouver
5. Auckland
6. Dusseldorf
7. Frankfurt
8. Munich
9. Bern
10. Sydney
11. Copenhagen
12. Wellington
13. Amsterdam
14. Ottawa
15. Brussels
16. Toronto
17. Berlin
18. Melbourne
19. Luxembourg
20. Stockholm 


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