Fugitive mum receives death threats

02:51, May 30 2010

A young mum says she has received death threats after fleeing to New Zealand from America with her 12-month-old daughter.

Bianca Ellen Ormsby, 21, has used social networking website Facebook to explain why she left the US with Sydney Moana Thomas during a custody dispute with the baby's father, Adam Thomas of Michigan.

She is being reportedly being sought by the FBI after a warrant was issued for her arrest by the magistrates court in Detroit on May 18.

But she said that she was relying on the New Zealand justice system to help her and had hired a lawyer to fight her case.

Ms Ormsby said Mr Thomas had put her and Sydney in danger through public statements about their disappearance and she had received death threats and hate mail since leaving America.

Ms Ormsby's supporters have set up a Facebook page called "Bianca sets the record straight", which now has 624 members.


Postings on the page claimed Sydney suffered head injuries following a visit to Mr Thomas' house and had to be taken to hospital.

But Mr Thomas said Sydney fell while trying to walk and an investigation cleared him of any wrongdoing, the Herald on Sunday reported today.

According to a Detroit news website, Mr Thomas was just weeks away from getting full custody of Sydney before she was taken.

Mr Thomas said his nightmare began when he dropped off Sydney with her mother in March. He hadn't seen them since.

Weeks later Ms Ormsby e-mailed him to tell him she'd taken Sydney to New Zealand and they were not planning to come back.

Ms Ormsby claimed on Facebook that she was not wanted by the FBI.

"The police are aware of my situation and where I am and I have not been charged with kidnapping or abduction and I have been in contact with the father for the last few months thankyou.

"I would like to keep my daughter safe and out of public eye as she needs the most stable environment possible please I want to keep her safe thank you."