Teen caught driving BMW at 200kmh

A 19-year-old on a restricted licence has been caught by police after he speed past a motorway patrol at 200 kilometres an hour.

Police say the BMW 850 IA with a V12 engine went past them near the Tristram Avenue exit in Auckland at 12.40 am today.

The male driver was "totally oblivious" to the police until stopped on the Auckland side of the harbour bridge.

When questioned about the speed at which he was travelling the male driver acknowledged his actions were "just stupid."

He has been charged with driving at a dangerous speed faces a maximum penalty of three months imprisonment, a mandatory six months disqualification of his drivers licence, and a fine up to a maximum of $4500.

"Driving at such speed is blatantly irresponsible," Waitemata road policing manager Superintendent John Kelly says.

"It puts the lives of others in danger. Just because you can't see a police officer, it doesn't mean you can get away with flouting the speed limit.

"Let this incident be a warning to all speeding, and reckless drivers," he said.

The BMW 850 is a two door car released in 1991. It is regarded as a "rare classic" on auto blog sites.