Charity 760km run fans bigger ambitions

17:00, Aug 22 2010
WE MADE IT: Craig Dixon, left, Jamie Milne, Jonny Gladwell and Guy Wilson reach Parliament after their run from Auckland to Wellington to honour Mr Milne's late grandmother and raise money for charity. He is already planning their next run 1000km across Tasmania.

Only hours after an Auckland foursome arrived in Wellington after running 760 kilometres they were planning an even longer run.

Institute of Golf colleagues Craig Dixon, Guy Wilson, Jonny Gladwell and Jamie Milne started their journey at 6am on August 16 in honour of Mr Milne's late grandmother Mary, who died in 2008 after fighting Alzheimer's disease. They finished on the steps of Parliament on Saturday.

To honour Mr Milne's grandmother, the Many Miles for Mary event was founded. The men trained for four months and enlisted the help of ultra-marathon runner Lisa Tamati.

Tamati, who ran the length of New Zealand in 45 days last year, gave the men tips about preparation, hydration and recovering at the end of each day.

During the event they shared the run, each jogging about 35km a day as they made to their way to Wellington, fighting blisters and aching muscles to complete their mission.

"I reckon my grandmother will be rapt with what we have done. I wanted to do something for her in my own special way and doing this run is pretty cool," Mr Milne said. "The body held up pretty well, although my feet are a mess, but we trained so well that, if we got to the finish and someone told us to turn round and run back to Auckland, I would have."

The group raised about $12,000 for the Heart Foundation, the Child Cancer Foundation, the Cancer Society and Kidsline.

They had yesterday and today to recover before heading back to work. However, Mr Milne, 31, is already planning their next run. He wants the group to head across the Tasman and run about 1000km across Tasmania.

"But we might have to get a bit fitter first. It would be a tough run, but there's no reason why we couldn't do it."


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