Waimakariri warns off quake rubberneckers

02:47, Sep 06 2010
Kaiapoi 1
Damage to a road in quake-hit Kaiapoi.
Kaiapoi 2
Road damage outside the Kaiapoi Fire Station.
Kaiapoi 3
A Kaiapoi carpark torn-up by the earthquake.
Kaiapai 4
A sand volcano in a Kaiapoi backyard.
Kaiapoi 5
Damage to a Kaiapai backyard.
Kaiapoi 6
A car bogged in a quake-damaged Kaiapoi street.
Kaiapoi 7
Damage near the Kaiapoi River.
Earthquake damage in Kaiapoi
Waimakariri MP Clayton Cosgrove visits an earthquake-hit home in Kaiapoi.
Earthquake damage in Kaiapoi
Landmark Kaiapoi shop, Blackwell's department store, was deemed dangerous after Saturday's earthquake and demolished.
Earthquake damage in Kaiapoi
Anna Lipsham begins the clean-up in Kaiapoi, emptying dirt from a building into a large fissure in the road.
Earthquake damage in Kaiapoi
Earthquake damage in Kaiapoi.
Earthquake damage in Kaiapoi
Earthquake damage in Kaiapoi

Waimakariri Civil Defence has warned against people travelling into the area for the sole purpose of looking at the destruction.

The township of Kaiapoi, which has suffered massive amounts of damage in Saturday's 71 earthquake, has deployed police and defence force members to protect certain areas.

Approximately 200 portable toilets have been placed on streets around Kaiapoi as authorities continue to repair severe damage to sewers - with about 50 per cent not working.

Around 22 buildings are still deemed as too dangerous to enter.

The district's school, halls and public buildings are still being assessed for damage and health and safety issues. Staff are working towards being able to complete this by the end of this week.

The following areas remain closed: Kaiapoi Pool and Kaiapoi Library/Service Centre, Kaiapoi Wharf, Rangiora Town Hall, Double Days Road, Old Waimakariri bridge, Paisley Road, central business area of Kaiapoi and Williams Street/Hilton Street remains closed. All schools in the Waimakariri District will be closed until Wednesday.

The curfew from 6pm to 7am will be back in place tonight.

Up to 85 per cent of Kaiapoi has had water restored, with some areas experiencing intermittent stoppages to fix breaks.

Water and toilet facilities are available at the North Kaiapoi School on Williams Street and the Pines Beach Hall.

Campers at the Riverlands Holiday Park in Double Days Road were advised to vacate during the night due to rising river levels. Evacuated people were looked after at their local welfare Centre based at the North Kaiapoi School.

There have been trees down over power lines in Oxford and Mainpower are working on this to restore power to the Oxford area.

All bus services to the Waimakariri will not be running on today.

Rubbish collection, due to take place on Thursday and Friday, remain as normal but will be assessed closer to the time.