Reward to catch cat shooter

00:48, Sep 17 2010
Diane Rozmus' cat
ABUSE: X-ray images showing the slug pellets inside Diane Rozmus' cat.

A $1000 reward has been posted for anyone with information that leads to the identity of an unknown shooter that left five metal slugs in a Palmerston North cat.

Animal abuse watchdog Paw Justice has posted the sum after reading about Baloo's cruel brush with death in the Manawatu Standard on Tuesday.

The year-old moggy was found bleeding and struggling to breathe by his owner, Diane Rozmus, who rushed him to the vet.

Diane Rozmus with her cat Baloo
ANGRY: Diane Rozmus with her cat Baloo. "Our guess is that he had to be restrained to be shot that many times and I think that somebody was trying to do him in,'' she says.

The vet initially thought Baloo had been attacked by a dog, but later found the slugs in his body when they showed up on an X-ray.

The attack on Baloo at Ms Rozmus' Perth Pl home on August 23 has enraged Paw Justice supporters, who flooded the group's Facebook page with messages of disgust.

One message read, "What is wrong with these morons ... no place in today's society for cretins like this", while another woman wrote: "I hope they get the mongrels. Someone should do the same to them."


Paw Justice co-founder Craig Dunn said the money would be paid to anyone with information that led to a successful conviction.

"Shooting cats with slug guns is disgusting," he said.

"This is happening in our neighbourhoods and people are just sick and tired of it. We've got to change attitudes in our society. "

Criminals often started being cruel to animals before taking out their violent acts on people, he said.

Baloo had the slug in his bladder removed during surgery on Wednesday and was to be taken home today.

The four remaining slugs will not be removed.

Ms Rozmus had planned to get the surgery done later, but was forced to move it forward after Baloo's condition worsened.

She was happy to see Paw Justice and its supporters getting behind her.

Information can be passed to Paw Justice on 095355616.

Manawatu Standard