Name suppression lifted on midwife

09:54, Sep 20 2010
Mary Casey leaves a disciplinary hearing.

Name suppression on a Christchurch midwife found guilty last month of professional misconduct has been lifted.

Mary Elizabeth Casey admitted six charges of professional misconduct involving five clients between 2005 and 2008 at a disciplinary tribunal hearing.

She was barred from practising and ordered to pay $85,000 costs.

After the hearing name suppression on Casey was lifted, but her lawyer applied for a 10-day 'order of stay' that was granted to consider an appeal.

The order was extended because of the earthquake but has now expired.

The charges against Casey included interfering with an adoption, failing to carry out an adequate assessment during labour and telling the pastor of a client's church that her baby was an IVF baby without her permission.

One woman who provided evidence at the hearing said Casey was nicer to her dogs than her baby.

"I can only describe her as being like a matron at a hospital a hundred years ago...she was nice to my dogs. Nicer to the dogs than to me and [the baby]," she said.

"She was cold with [the baby]. It was really strange. She treated her like a piece of meat."

But Casey's counsel, Marcus Elliott, said testimonies from previous clients described her as "kind'' and "fantastic''.

Casey had spent many years working in the Middle East and volunteering for charity.

The hearing had left her emotionally and financially distressed and she would voluntarily withdraw from the profession regardless of any penalty, he said.

An Auckland midwife, also named Mary Elizabeth Casey, is not related.


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