Plane crashes into sewage pond

Two pilots have ended up in the poo after a botched 'touch and go' landing at Thames left their aircraft floundering in a sewage pond.

The Cessna 172, owned by Ardmore Flying School in South Auckland, was completing a 'touch and go' landing and take off at Thames airfield around 10.20am today when the crash occurred.

The aircraft over-ran the runway, landing in the sewage pond at the Ngati Maru Highway end of the airfield. Fire service acting shift manager Tania Matthews confirmed that its occupants were un-injured.

Les Raine, who is based at the airfield as the chief flying instructor at Southern Air Services, saw the landing and "knew the plane wouldn't be leaving the ground".

Mr Raine said the aircraft appeared to have no structural damage, but since its engine was completely submerged, it would be likely the plane will be a "complete write-off".

"What's important is no one is hurt and it was just egos that were dented," he said.

Waikato Times