Midwife: I'll never work in city again

00:36, Feb 08 2011

The midwife at the centre of a Hamilton inquest into the death of baby Adam Barlow believes she will no longer be able to work in the city despite suppression of her name.

Despite being unemployed the midwife said she had struggled to get new clients since the Barlows went public with the loss of their baby in October 2009.

The midwife, who graduated in December 2008, is today giving evidence at the Hamilton District Court and described how the pressure of the case had taken its toll.

The midwife gave a detailed account of her care of Barlow throughout the delivery of her son who was pronounced dead shortly after his birth by emergency caesarean at Waikato Hospital.

She broke down as she extended an apology to the Barlows who remained composed, seated with supporters in the gallery.

"I am really really sorry for what they [the Barlows] have been through," she said.

"It has been really hard on everyone and I wish them all the best for the future."

Coroner Gordon Matenga is expected to rule whether suppression of the midwife's name will continue when she finishes giving evidence.

The inquest has been set down for two weeks.


Waikato Times