'Virgin Mary' stone offer spurned

01:43, Jan 31 2009

The woman who found a pebble bearing an apparent image of the Virgin Mary has rejected $27,000 for it.

Lisa-Marie Corlet auctioned the pebble on Trade Me this week. The auction closed yesterday without meeting the reserve of $30,000. Hoax bids aside, the top bid was $27,000.

The Christchurch woman found the pebble at Kaikoura's South Beach 18 months ago and kept it through redundancy, hefty debts and dental problems. Then she decided the pebble was a possible moneymaker.

The auction is the second most popular on Trade Me, with 180,000 visits. A typical auction receives 650 visits.

"If no-one buys it for $28,000, I'll take a break and move on to eBay."


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