Wellywood sign rage on Facebook page

01:15, May 22 2011
Wellingtonians against Wellywood
CLAWS OUT: One member of the Wellingtonians against Wellywood Facebook group says it with cats.

More than 7500 people have joined forces to show their disdain for the controversial Wellywood sign set to overlook Miramar wharf.

The Facebook group Wellingtonians Against the Wellywood Sign has attracted more than 7500 members since it was created yesterday morning with callers protesting the hillside development.

One angry resident posted of his plans to stage a protest against Wellington International Airport

"Folks, I am arranging a protest. Hit the Airport where it hurts. In the pocket. Page up soon."

Much of the group's venom is directed at Infratil which jointly owns the airport with Wellington City Council.

"Unless there is a complete reversal on this blot on the landscape idea come Monday, Infratil is going to start feeling the wrath of us Wellingtonians due to the arrogance (of) its airport operation," one member of the group posted.

Other members have posted the address of Infratil's Wellington office encouraging opponents to protest against the sign.

While deeming the sign " tacky, unoriginal and embarrassing" members have pushed each other to email Wellington Airport directly.

Wellington Airport is funding the 28m long and 3.5m tall Wellywood sign that mimics the iconic Hollywood sign in Los Angeles.

The structure has already received resource consent and is expected to be erected on the Miramar hillside, owned by Wellington Airport, in June.

Wellington International Airport's Facebook page has also attracted angry messages from opponents of the sign.

The Wellington Airport page's administrator posted the opinion that the Wellingtonians Against Wellywood Sign's membership numbers were " simply deja-vu".

"The result last time was that the anti-sign page got about 15,000 members and the pro-sign site around 10,000", the administrator wrote.

"We then asked for positive better ideas and received about 100 responses. After much deliberation, the decision has been made and the sign is being built. Your time and effort would be better spent doing something positive with your own resources".

One opponent said the sign would confuse tourists over the name of the city.

"That or they'll think we're incredibly thick and can't spell. Next we'll have to change our name on maps."