Student planks on railway tracks

Some New Zealanders are taking the planking craze to dangerous territory, with one student caught lying on a railway line in front of an approaching train.

Authorities have not released details about the planking incident, fearing it could lead to copycats.

A KiwiRail spokeswoman said she understood the incident took place in South Auckland but it was not on a KiwiRail line.

Secondary Principals Association President Patrick Walsh put out an advisory to schools and parents warning them of the dangers of the craze.

He said principals were not opposed to planking per se, but the more dangerous the planking episode was, the more kudos the students gained.

Mr Walsh said students caught performing dangerous acts could face suspension.

The planking trend came into the spotlight last week after an Australian man fell from the verandah of a high-rise apartment in Brisbane while planking.

Planking involves lying rigid or straight across unusual public spaces and photos or video of the 'plank' are put on the internet.