Police officer's shar pei dogs attack young boy

The police families involved in a dog attack on a six-year-old in Ruatoria have come together to support the boy.

Brooking Poi, the son of local police constable Boycie Poi was attacked by another police officer's shar pei-cross dogs on Wednesday afternoon.

Brooking suffered injuries to his head, face and arm and was flown from the small east coast town to hospital where he had surgery on Wednesday night. He remains in the children's ward.

In a statement released by police today, the family of Brooking Poi and the owner of the dogs, Ben Reedy, said their focus was on helping Brooking recover.

"His cheeky character is slowly returning and he has lots of support from whanau and his community," the statement said.

"Our focus is on getting Brooking back to full health and both whanau are standing side by side in this endeavour."

The families thanked the team at Gisborne Hospital for their work.

Gisborne District Council chief animal control officer Pat Collins said both dogs were cross-bred shar peis, a Chinese breed known for their wrinkly skin. One was crossed with a labrador, but he was unsure what the other was.

"They are a medium-size dog, about the size of a labrador," Collins said. "They are not regarded as dangerous, but all dogs have teeth and can be a threat."

The two dogs have been destroyed.

The Dominion Post