Murderer's wife to foster prison escaper's child

01:43, Jan 31 2009

Double murderer Scott Watson's estranged wife is to foster the infant daughter of another notorious prisoner.

The Herald on Sunday today reported Child Youth and Family (CYF) had given Coral Watson the go-ahead to foster the four-month-old daughter of Arthur and Carolyn Taylor, while they serve out sentences relating to Taylor's 2005 prison escape.

Coral Watson, 38, has four children to several fathers. A 17-year-old girl also lives with them.

Taylor told the newspaper he and his wife were not in a position to provide their daughter with the care she needed.

He had known Coral Watson for many years, and the Taylors were happy she had agreed to foster their daughter.

"We know Coral will give her a loving, stable environment. She is a wonderful mother," he said.


Coral Watson said she had devoted her life to her children.

"I will be raising this child forever and ever. She has the right to have a good home.

"I just want to give her a loving home. I hate the thought of her getting lost in the system. I'm just a big kid at heart and am of the opinion that every child deserves somewhere they can call home."

Coral Watson married Scott Watson in a prison service in May 2004 but split from him this year alleging he was "two-timing" her. The marriage has never been consummated and Watson remains in jail for the New Year's Eve 1997 murders of Ben Smart, 21, and Olivia Hope, 17.