Aussie advertising copycats busted

08:55, Aug 05 2011
power beverage
DEJA VU: An advertisement from New Zealand's Powershop (L), and the strangely similar image used to promote Australia's Power Beverage.

It began as a normal day for New Zealand company Powershop's CEO, Ari Sergeant. That was until he opened a link sent to him by a colleague.

The online electricity retailer is well known in New Zealand for its eyecatching advertising. It looks like one particular campaign featuring Cuban revolutionary leader Che Guevara inspired an Australian beverage company.

Sergeant discovered the exact same image used during an advertising campaign on the can of energy drink Power Beverage.

"I was just dumbfounded really, couldn't believe it."

There are a lot of  Che Guevara pictures out there, many of which have been used by numerous companies over the years. What made this one different is that it was the same.

"They copied our picture exactly - even with our logo. It seems a bit lazy to be honest."


The logo he's talking about is the smiley face in the centre of Che's cap.

While Sergeant admitted it was a bit of fun, he wasn't ruling out doing something about it in the future.

"At this stage we're not planning any action, but if it starts to impact our brand image and if people start to get confused we'll think about it."

Power Beverage in Australia could not be contacted for comment after repeated calls by

While imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, the Australian company was seizing more than just power.